Group Companies

Fanidhar Group is a prestigious business entity with its ventures in various fields and sectors. The experience of 10 years is being leveraged to gain excellence in diverse business to lead an innovation driven growth in areas of agriculture, finance, construction, real-estate and research. It is the firm belief of Fanidhar Group to be socially responsible and sustainable in their every endeavor.

Agriculture & Research

Fanidhar Agriculture & Research Foundation is our non-government organization established to collaborate, explore and develop innovative and new practices in cultivation for betterment of farmers, farming practices and agriculture sector at large. We aim to bring a change in the society and help the farming sector with our technologically advance solutions.

Fanidhar Agriculture & Research Foundation is one of the Section 25 Companies registered under Companies Act, 1956 to promote, develop, encourage and carry out activities of education, research, and training in the field of agricultural, farming, plantation, cold storage chains, milk and other dairy items, being incorporated with an objective of social welfare of the society under the brand name of “FANIDHAR”.