Group Companies

Fanidhar Group is a prestigious business entity with its ventures in various fields and sectors. The experience of 10 years is being leveraged to gain excellence in diverse business to lead an innovation driven growth in areas of agriculture, finance, construction, real-estate and research. It is the firm belief of Fanidhar Group to be socially responsible and sustainable in their every endeavor.


Fanidhar Enterprises aims to provide you an end-to-end to your agricultural financial needs and requirements. We have been working in this industry for years and we understand the risks and returns involved making us a trusted partner for you in your future endeavors.

With our roots belonging to a family of farmers we have gained extensive experience in dealing with farm land, farmers and farm merchandise.

Fanidhar Enterprise Private Limited will assist businesses to execute activities in the capacity of a trader, stocker, distributor, broker and supplier of various agricultural commodities.

We lend our valuable experience under the Fanidhar Enterprise Private Limited banner to provide support to businesses and individuals in the financial processes of agricultural products and commodities.

Our business acumen and decade long experience in agro field gives us an edge over our competitors in the market.